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From the Artist:

I started making eyecatchers in the early 2000sMy mom and dad were close friends with some people from the Crow tribe. They also lived in New Mexico for quite some time, and became friends with natives from a few other tribes in that region. I grew up having a deep respect and awe for Native American art. My eyecatchers are an homage to the ancient Native American practice of making dreamcatchers. 

I love to get creative with my eyecatchers, playing with different natural materials, textures and colors; and experimenting with a variety of styles. Some are made with webs, and others are centered around found sticks and wood. 

In Native American culture, the web part of a dream catcher is called its "heart." It acts as a filter, or as I see it, a washing machine, for your dreams. It's where bad dreams are kept, and good dreams and visions are filtered through. Although I began making eyecatchers long before I learned how to make a web for them, I wanted to incorporate a protective web in my pieces. Since learning how to make the web, I've enjoyed developing different designs and seeing what emerges.

For the wood-centric eyecatchers, I collect pieces of wood from all over the United States, seeking structures that are unique and powerful. For most of the pieces, I use a handsaw to cut the wood, then I sand it, and use a white wash stain as the finish.

Each piece contains genuine leather strips that I cut by hand. I like using a mixture of mostly goose and duck feathers, but sometimes like to add in more exotic species as well.

I hope my eyecatchers bring in positivity, protection, and good energy anywhere and everywhere you put them in your space.

Size: OS
Height: 12.5cm / 4.9in
Width: 18cm / 7in
Depth: 8cm / 3.1in
Handle Drop: 51-59cm / 20-23in

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